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 Innovative Consulting, North Dakota LLC

Fly Ash Sales

Innovative Solutions for an Innovative Future

At Innovative Consulting, North Dakota LLC, we take pride in providing quality fly ash for your construction needs.

We are a U.S. Owned and Operated Business

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Class C Fly Ash For Improved Concrete Durability

Our Class C Fly Ash Fully Meets ASTM C618 and AASHTO M295 Requirements

Demonstrated effective at controlling expansion due to ASR via ASTM 1567 testing 

Our certified fly ash is ready to ship directly from the plant to your location.  We serve North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, and Nebraska with our competitively priced, high-quality fly ash.

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Class C Fly Ash for use in all Concrete Applications

Innovative Consulting, North Dakota fly ash is a pozzolan for concrete, consisting of the “finely divided residue that results from the combustion of ground or powdered coal” as defined by ASTM C 618. A pozzolan, as defined by ASTM, reacts chemically with calcium hydroxide produced by the hydration of portland cement to form additional cementitious compounds. Our C fly ash, produced from lignite coal, offers both cementitious and pozzolanic properties. This permits a higher percentage of fly ash to be used without sacrificing early strength gain. When correctly proportioned, concrete that contains fly ash can have equivalent or greater 28 day, compressive strengths when compared to plain portland cement concrete. Due to the pozzolanic reaction, fly ash concrete will continue to gain strength beyond 28 days, exceeding that of plain portland cement concrete.

Major Benefits for Concrete Applications and the Environment

• Easier placement • Reduces water requirements • Improves pumpability • Improves durability • Improves finishability • Reduced permeability • Reduces industrial waste   • Saves money  • Improve resistance to sulfate attack • Lower heat of hydration over straight cement • Reduce shrinkage and thermal cracking • Saves natural resources • Significantly reduces greenhouse gas

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Use our Class C Fly Ash to Support your Business Needs

Our Class C fly ash can be used as a pozzolan in virtually any concrete application. When correctly proportioned, Class C fly ash will add many benefits such as increased strength, increased durability and reduced permeability. Class C fly ash is particularly beneficial in high-performance concrete applications where high compressive strengths are required or where exposure conditions demand highly durable concrete. Class C fly ash can also be effective at mitigating problems associated with alkali-silica reactions when used at high cement replacement rates.

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About Us

A U.S. Owned and Operated Company Dedicated to Supporting the Communities where we Operate

We are a small, professionally run U.S.-owned company whose mission is to provide the highest quality, class C fly ash at very competitive rates for all of your concrete applications. To ensure compliance with ASTM C618, our quality control laboratories carefully sample and test the fly ash according to the standard test methods of ASTM C311.

Our industry has realized major changes and to ensure we meet these demands, we employ the latest technologies to ensure we stay ahead of the industry curve. Our team will provide you with the highest quality in professional and personalized care while delivering you a superior product to supply your construction needs.

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